The rants of a jobless Indian singer!


Unemployed controversial Indian singer has thanked gullible Muslims for their 'online' outrage. The bald singer is now back to noisy parties and 'yelling media' fanfare!

Google employees have also expressed their displeasure over the matter as they have had to filter the search giant's results. It is a point to note that students searching for noise pollution essays were confronted by the rants of this bald character!

While netizens have done the thoughtful. Insights revealed by the users got me interested.

"Sleep disorder is common with 'unemployed' stars. Perhaps if he drank less, he would have less hangovers and a better sleep", advised a netizen from Pakistan.

"There is a simple solution. Sonu is now going to become rich enough. I have a free advice for him. Let him get his house soundproofed", a free advice from a female philanthropist reads on Facebook.

Being not good at satire, I concede your point of not continuing with it. Well! I am going to inform you of an interesting development - twist in the tale as they call it!

Sonu Nigam's neighbours have now complained to police against him. Look at the irony! He was complaining of the noise pollution disturbing him and he ended up causing noise pollution himself and thereby, disturbing his neighbours.

The complaint has been made because of the noise and commotion during his press meets.

On a serious note, let me clarify that his tweet was never about noise pollution. Never!

One user aptly summed up the whole matter: “Twitter is no forum to raise such sensitive issues. It appear Sonu Nigam is looking for publicity rather than solution.”

I could very well argue that Kamal Hassan was concerned about women's rights when he reportedly said, “In Mahabharata, Panchali was used a pawn while the men gambled. She was used as a collateral. And India is a country that respects and honours a book that revolves around men using a woman to gamble away as if she was a mere object”. Pertinently, he has been issued summons by court for his remarks.

While I agree with the fact that even if there are no loudspeakers, Muslims will still pray if they want to. However, there is need to be cautious with the use of words while discussing about religion, be that Islam or Hinduism.

If people support beef to be banned, then they should be ready to be woken up by Azaan as well. "Forced religiousness" can't rescue you on this!

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