Eve Teasing is no more a taboo subject! Speak up!


Eve Teasing is no more a taboo subject! Speak up!
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I started my blogging career back in 2010 - the year of uprising in Kashmir. Although there were a lot of issues in Kashmir apart from the Kashmir Issue itself, I was inclined to write about social issues like eve teasing prevalent in our society.

Back in those days, eve-teasing was one of the most underreported crimes in our news media. However, few victims had done away with "Eve Teasing is a Taboo Subject" notion.

With the aim to contribute my bit to highlight this silent crime, I wrote an article titled "Eve Teasing: Challenging Social Evil & Depiction of Moral Corruption in Kashmir" on my blog.

I was complimented by many friends for the post as it dealt with one of the most prevalent, and at the same time, most ignored crimes.

Recently, I missed the renewal date of my blog's domain which caused a downtime, stretching for three days. As I was configuring DNS for the blog, few visits from Google Search were needed to make sure everything was falling in line.

While I typed the URL of my blog domain, I was captivated by some search results. I noticed the article linked to some prominent research papers about the very topic - Eve Teasing.

The article has been cited in various research papers (seven, if I remember correctly) but the prominent among them which caught my attention have been shared.

#1. "Eve Teasing and Molestation – A Case Study of District Srinagar" by Aadil Bashir, Shabana Khurshid on International Journal of Science and Research (IJSR).

Read at https://www.ijsr.net/archive/v2i12/MDIwMTM1NTM=.pdf

#2. "Eve Teasing is Perennial Problem: A Study of Warangal District" by K. Ailaiah and Saturi Raghu on Council of Research & Sustainable Development.

Read at http://crsdindia.com/journals/aeo/june2016/6.Saturi%20Raghu.33-37.pdf

#3. "A study of violence Outside and Inside against Women in Kashmir" by Rahul Kumar on International Journal of Research during National Seminar on Government Policies pertaining to Women: Awareness, Implications and Suggestions - 2016.

Read at https://edupediapublications.org/journals/index.php/IJR/article/download/4234/4066

The original article, published in 2011, can be accessed at http://www.aasifwrites.com/2011/12/eve-teasing-challenging-social-evil.html

There has been enough work/research on the topic now as victims report the harassment due to changing public opinion against this practice.

Eve-teasing is also highly criticized by the media and netizens on social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter.

Eve Teasing is no more a taboo subject now! Our collective voice against this muted crime can make a really big difference in making our society a hell of a lot better for the womenfolk. So, speak up!

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