RSS In Kashmir: T20 opening start in 2.0


RSS In Kashmir 2.0
There have been quite a lot instances of Kashmiri students being threatened, harassed, beaten & finally suspended in colleges and universities outside Kashmir. No one really took up the issue then!

Now, we have an 'educational institute' - NIT Srinagar - where Kashmiri students have faced the same thread of injustice but this time in Kashmir itself!

This time, there has been deployment of Police and CRPF in and around the campus and constitution of a 'Central' Team to 'look into the matter'. This time, it is a really serious matter because it pertains to the notion of 'security of Indian students' in Kashmir.

I hope that you pick up the satire. If you can't, I am pretending to be serious!

The incident has the potential to lead to communal and regional divide as things are being blown out of proportion. Indian Home Minister Rajnath Singh, MOS in PMO Dr Jitendra and other authorities are directly dictating things to the 'state government' over the issue.

The biased Indian national media is leaving no stone unturned to prove that J&K Police has committed atrocities against the non-local students while treating their hostility and vandalism as an act of displaying nationalism. Ironically, the non-local students who didn't even spare J&K Police are getting applauds throughout India.

After failing miserably in JNU, the oppresser has been trying hard to seal the deal in NIT Srinagar. In this case, the demand of non-local students to shift the institute is extremely unintelligent. And, this speaks about the malicious intent to defame Kashmir as being inhospitable.

People here sound like PDP-BJP 2.0 but actually it's RSS 2.0. Mehbooba only took oath so as to remind people of Kota Rani.

In 1.0, we got to see episodes like Kashmir's own Rakhi Sawant, MLA Langate being attacked in Pulwama by a group of goons 'licenced' by BJP. And the more grave conspiracies, or should I call it a tragedy, of burning Kashmiri truckers alive in Udhampur. But in 2.0, this is the very first.

RSS may have embraced full pants but the intellectual size of its ideology is still limited to "Bharat Mata Ki Jai".

Be ready for more as the newest controversial version has more controversies to offer!

Kashmir is well known for its tolerance unlike the rest of the states 'controlled' by India. This malicious campaign will never succeed.

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