ReTs may pass muster but politicians will never let media fail themselves!


ReTs may pass muster but politicians will never let media fail themselves!
Representational Image (Credit: Nisar Ul Haq)
In the present times, 'sensational' is the only news that sells. The grave issues like civilian killings, enforced disappearances, human rights violations have long ceased to be so. Reason is simple. They happen each and every day.

But Media never ceases to prowl for a 'sensational story'. Either they'll question a minister's portfolio, his newly acquired property, or they'll put a question mark on the functioning of a department that the minister heads. In this pastime of Media, a minister doesn't enjoy his own pastime.

In order to do away with this 'nuisance', a man stands up and wows to give a breather to all his 'fellow mates'. He speaks 'sensation' which sells 'sensationally'. Media becomes his fan. But unfortunately, the news headlines where 'cow' had gained mentions have been lost to this 'media sensation'.

The issues like "ReT Screening Test" are nothing but ploys to befool masses, make cheap publicity and change the public discourse. There is no conspiracy theory but simple logic.

The government can do anything in proper way by talking to all stakeholders and taking them into confidence. Such a thing is possible only if the government is honest. 'Yelling' in media and being disgraceful to a teacher community speaks volumes about the minister's honesty. No screening test will be conducted and not all ReT teachers' degrees will be scrutinized. Naive people, there is a sea of ReT teachers and it's close to impossible to conduct a screening test in a fair way.

Politicians know only to play politics. They choose 'issues' cautiously. They have a cunning experience of which controversy to stir at what moment.

In Indian state also, you find news anchors of TV channels 'screaming' about imaginary 'terror attack' bids from Pakistan. And, when the time of elections closes in, the index of scams committed by 'Pradhaan Mantri' and 'Neta Ji' become the tittles of evening news shows.

Naeem Akhtar boasts of being the guardian of the future of students. But, does he have the guts to tell the same to India and it's troops when it comes to civilian killings, extra-judicial murders, human rights violations? We know the answer!

These politicians will never take the risk of discussing real issues like civilian killings, human rights violations, the lawless laws (AFSPA, PSA et cetera) in public domain. The risk of consensus and the risk of consequent unity among the people makes them shy away.

When they saw ReTs 'fighting' for their cause in unison, they played their next card - the recent diktat of 'scrutiny of some dubious degree certificates'. It serves as an example of how they sow the seeds of discord among the people.

All in all, politics played by them has only controversies to offer. And, unfortunately people think that stirring a controversy (they call it  disscussion) is the ultimate end.

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